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Verituff LDPE Flat – Pipe is produced using a great thermoplastic compound. Specially made for rural fields utilized from moving water starting with one spot then onto the next for significant distances. Our creation of hose meets the most rigid operational necessities. A straightforward hose facilitates the area of blockage being used. The smooth internal bore forestalls any development and offers the least protection from the stream. The working weight of the hose is reliant on temperature and is brought down with increment in temperature. Available in Blue, Black just as whire shading ( virgin compound utilized)


LDPE Flat Pipe Features: Withstand Low weight, Lightweight contrasted with the elastic hose, Working temperature up to 60 o C, High adaptability, Easy working life and strength, Chemical and scraped area obstruction, Excellent Handling, and Folding, Crush and crimp opposition, Opaque whenever required, Rodent evidence


For Agriculture Solution

1 ½” , 2” , 2 ½” & 3” 


For Agriculture Solution

Blue, Black & White (virgin quality) 

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