Verituff / HDPE

About HDPE


Verituff HDPE Pipes are very helpful in Water Supply, Bore Well, Sprinkler, Lift Irrigation, Drip Irrigation, Pesticide Dispersal, Cable Ducting, Sewerage/Drainage, Natural and different gases and so on, in urban and country areas. They are additionally valuable for movement and stream applications in Chemical/Processing Industries, Telecommunications, Vegetable Oils, Fruit Juices, Dairies, and different fluids and semi-fluids including Acids, Alkalis, and other destructive synthetic concoctions.


For Agriculture Solution

• Chemical/ Processing Industries:

Not influenced by corrosive and soluble base

• Water Supply:

Smooth non-stop progression of water because of the smooth internal surface

• Gas Distribution:

For conveying Natural Gas, Coal Gas, Bio – Gas and so forth for household and modern reason

• Drainage & Sewerage:

For conveying Soil, Waste from the SWR Drainage System to fitting channels or sewers through an underground system of funnels

Feature :

Corrosion Resistant

HDPE pipes do not rust rot or corrode. HDPE is one of the most chemically inert of all plastics and therefore is extremely chemical and corrosion resistant.

• Combination of Strength & Flexibility

HDPE has low notch sensitivity and high tear strength At the same time, being flexible, HDPE performs well in both high cover and low cover applica­tions. It’s unique ability to support and distribute live and dead load enables it to meet almost every installation conditions.

• Chemical & Abrasion Resistant

HDPE is one of the most chemically inert of all plastics and with high resistance to abrasion. These two characteristics give HDPE pipe a significant long term advantage.

• UV Resistant

Black HDPE contains approx. 2.5% ± 0.5% carbon black and can be safely stored and installed in non – covered areas.

• Easy Joining

HDPE could be joined both mechanically by Flange Joint or Butt Welding method at site with HDPE Couplers/Sockets.

• Pressure Rating

HDPE pipes are available in a range of pressure ratings from PN 2.5-4-6-8 10-12.5 and 16 (PN stands for Kgf/cm2).