Verituff / Braided


Verituff Braided hose is intended for high-pressure applications. It is a better substitution than ordinary elastic hoses as it is made of PVC. This outcome in accommodation because of the lightweight and economy being used. It has a prevalent union and bond between the twists and covers when contrasted with elastic hoses. It is intended to suit best in tropical atmospheres like Indian, the Gulf, and African sub-mainlands.

Piece: Made by fortification (Braiding) of manufactured yarn in the middle of at least two layers of Soft PVC. The yarn is fortified in transversely just as in longitudinal ways. This gives a high weight conveying limit just as great adaptability.

A special element is its straightforwardness which permits one to watch its inside working. It is impervious to a few synthetic compounds, soluble bases, light acids, and oils. It can withstand all climatic conditions consequently demonstrating a superior decision than ordinary elastic funnels. PVC braided pipes are accessible for use in different fields.

  • for Compressed air application and passing on synthetics and gases.
  • for marble, rock mining and farm hauler Mounted Compressors.
  • for Car Wash.
  • for showering pesticides, bug sprays and weeding pesticides, and so forth.


For Industry Solution


½” , ¾” ,1″ ( 30 meters long)



For Industry Solution

3.8 kg to 8 kg for every Roll


For Industry Solution

Hues, Blue, Green, Straightforward