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About UPVC

UPVC PIPES in SCH 40 & SCH 80 as per ASTM D – 1785 & Fitting in SCH 80 as per ASTM D 2467

Incorporated in year 2016,VERITUFF Pipes developed a brilliant wide range of uPVC pipes & fittings manufactured from virgin uPVC environment friendly compounds developed in-house by research and development and using raw materials sourced from top worldwide sources. This product has already established its superior performance in plumbing application in the toughest of conditions. The exceptional corrosion resistance and all weather UV stability with its easy and fast installation helps in substantial long term cost savings .VERITUFF ASTM uPVC pipes and fittings are non toxic, easy to install and are made for life time trouble free Service.



• Ring lines / Down take lines   • Swimming pools   • Salt water lines   • Pipes for hand pumps   • Industrial process lines   • Aggressive / corrosive fluid transportation   • Dye plants, chrome, zinc plating and tanning plants   • Coal washing and ash handling


UPVC Pipe (SCH 80)

UPVC Pipe (SCH 40)

Elbow 90° SCH 80

Elbow 45° SCH 80 

End Cap Schedule 80

Female Adaptor Plastic Threaded – FAPT SCH 80

Male Adaptor Plastic Threaded – MAPT SCH 80

Tank Nipple One Side Pipe Fitment

Reducer Coupler Schedule 80

Ball Valve (Long Handle) Schedule 80

Ball Valve (Short Handle) Schedule 80

Brass Elbow 90 Schedule 80

Brass Tee Schedule 80

Reducer Bross Elbow 90 Schedule 80

Reducer Brass Tee Schedule 80

Female Adapter Brass Threaded-Schedule 80

Male Adaptor Brass Threaded-Schedule 80

Reducer Elbow Schedule 80

Reducer Elbow

Heavy Duty Solvent Cement

Jointing Method